TwentyEight promises to help you save time, money, resources, and risk.

Renewing with your current copier vendor ​might save time. Putting your contract out to bid ​could save money. Learning about TwentyEight lets you do ​both.

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TwentyEight is the safest, easiest, fastest, and best-value copier contracting service available for smaller school districts and medium-size organizations.

When you use TwentyEight's proprietary methodology, our team does everything you would when going out to bid to replace expiring copier contracts. We do everything that you don’t have time to do, like becoming experts on copiers and figuring out how to get vendors to guarantee 99%+ uptime.

We've got you covered

Your organization gets complete access to our 25 years of industry expertise, gained by helping over 150 organizations optimize efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sourcing processes refined in over 300 copier RFPs.

Our Process

Our methodology takes care of everything:

You make the final decision

Decide based on complete, objective, "apples-to-apples" business intelligence.

In just 28 days, you’ll have a signature-ready contract that quantifies the best-value any of your local copier vendors can provide to your organization for the next 60 months.

What comes next?

Step 1: Select a suitable time in the scheduling form below

Step 2: Participate in a 28-min exploratory call

Step 3: Review the final contract and sign it

Step 4: Celebrate - YOU ARE DONE

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How is it going to benefit You?

TwentyEight provides:

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  1. We ELIMINATE copier vendor "selling."
  2. We PROTECT your time.
  3. We SAFEGUARD your interests.
  4. We DO THE HARD WORK for you so you can focus on important tasks.
  5. We REMOVE the mystery of copier pricing schemes.
  6. We PROVIDE confidence for precise decision making.
  7. We OFFER industry knowledge of what others like you have done.
  8. We BUILD consensus for the purchase.
  9. We EDUCATE administrators and end users.
  10. We IMPROVE your reporting to the school board.
  11. We ELIMINATE redundant, time-consuming tasks.
  12. We add invaluable EXPERIENCE to your team.
  13. We bring SYSTEMATIC PROBLEM SOLVING to people and technology problems.
  14. We IMPROVE positive thinking.
  15. We help you set the basis for PERSISTENCE BASED results.
  16. We CENTRALIZE the required skills set.
  17. We provide DATA to back up your instinct on a deal.
  18. We IMPROVE your sense of confidence.
  19. We ACHIEVE competency in all core areas of the deal.
  20. We OFFER new perspectives.
  21. We HELP you help your people.
  22. We ALLOW your team to have complete representation.
  23. We PRESENT proven methodologies.
  24. We SUPPORT your creation of effective processes.
  25. We ENGINEER automation.
  26. We HELP you better use your human resources.
  27. We IMPLEMENT project management.
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